La Journée Etude Montpellier Agro

Montpellier Agro Junior Consulting (JEMA)

Update : 01/08/2024

Montpellier Agro Junior Consulting (JEMA) offers engineering students the opportunity to put their lessons into practice by conducting studies for a wide variety of clients: small and medium-sized companies, large firms, research organizations, local authorities, etc.

JEMA (La Junior Étude Montpellier Agro) is a non-profit organization created and administered since 2009 by students of the school. By being part of an educational and economic approach, JEMA offers services similar to those of a consulting firm.

After being contacted by a sponsor, JEMA draws up a draft proposal and then a study agreement, in accordance with the request made. The students who undertake the assignment, in programmes at a Master 1 degree or higher level, are recruited from within the school through interviews.

In October 2015, during an audit conducted by representatives of the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises, JEMA obtained the Junior-Enterprise certificate.


L'Institut Agro Montpellier
Campus de La Gaillarde
2 place Pierre Viala


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