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Extra-curricular activities

Update : 07/16/2018

Extra-curricular activities contribute to students' overall well-being and help them develop skills and know-how useful for their future careers.

Gaillarde Campus (Montpellier)

Arts Office

The Arts Office (BDA in French) supports arts-related clubs (creative arts, auditorium, library, choir, cooking, guitar, rock band, improvisation, photo, theatre...).

BDA organizes events to promote a range of art forms, including:

  • Concertino (an elegant evening concert showcasing the talents of students and professors)
  • Ambu'Zik (small informal parties at Montpellier SupAgro residence halls)
  • a rally in Montpellier at the beginning of the school year to discover the city and the school’s student associations...

BDA is able to arrange special rates through partnerships with cultural facilities such as theatres and the opera.

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Sports Office

The Sports Office (BDS in French) assists in the management of physical activities and sports.

Students are encouraged to:

  • assume responsibilities, particularly the supervision of activities
  • set up sports projects
  • participate in the university championship and the Spring Cup (about 100 games / year)
  • compete in inter-school matches and friendly competitions (Inter-Agros, CODIGE sports meets...)

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Student Circle

The Student Circle (Le Cercle des Elèves) organizes student events, including orientation week-end, student parties, and charity events, and manages many student clubs.

The Circle also helps international students integrate into the school. Lastly, it develops partnerships with local businesses.

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Federation of Associations and Student Representatives

The Federation of Associations and Student Representatives (FAEE in French) aims to coordinate student associations and the elected representatives to various councils and committees. It serves as a bridge between the administration and student organizations.

FAEE organizes and animates Student Assemblies, and collects and distributes funds allocated to student associations. It must therefore ensure that the funds are used properly and reports annually to the Council of Elected Student Representatives.

Upon request, FAEE at Montpellier SupAgro also offers funding to students for certain educational projects.

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Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders (Ingénieurs Sans Frontières ISF in French) is a student NGO that participates in many international solidarity projects.

ISF Montpellier conducts operations in diverse countries and works to raise awareness about development in France. Many Montpellier SupAgro students contribute to ISF activities.

Through its work, ISF Montpellier is in contact with many solidarity-based associations in and outside Montpellier.

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Junior Etude of Montpellier Agro

The Junior Etude of Montpellier Agro (JEMA) offers engineering students the opportunity to put their skills into practice by conducting studies for a broad range of clients: small and medium-sized companies, large firms, research organizations and local government bodies, etc.

In response to a request from a client, JEMA drafts and finalizes a study agreement tailored to the stated need. Students are then selected through interviews to carry out the study. Candidates must have completed at least four years of higher education (Master Degree or more).

JEMA was awarded a Junior-Enterprise certificate in October 2015 following an audit by the Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises.

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Panier-Piano is a community-supported agriculture association (known as AMAP in France) managed by Montpellier SupAgro students.

Members can buy a basket of vegetables for €10 per week, the contents varying with the season. The vegetables, produced in Béziers, are local and organic.  As the baskets are amply filled, they can be shared by two people.

Florac Campus

Sports and cultural association

The sports and cultural association is open to both students and staff at the Innovative Education in Agro-Environment Institute in Florac.

The association provides access to the dojo and the gymnasium of the city of Florac (agreement with the city council). Tennis, snowshoeing, slacklining, rugby and djembe are also available.

The association organizes a “barter” twice a year, in the fall and spring. One or two events with speakers addressing various subjects also are scheduled during the year.


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