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Physical activities at l'Institut Agro Montpellier

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Update : 01/31/2024

The practice of regular and mindful physical activity contributes to well-being, improves stress resilience, and self-confidence.

In addition, practicing a sport fosters the development of multiple skills related to setting up and implementing projects. Sports activities are therefore taken into account in the first year engineering training curriculum and validated through BDS Sports, an attractive, dynamic and responsible association.

On-campus sports facilities

  • 2 gymnasiums
  • 1 dojo
  • 1 athletics track
  • 1 stadium
  • 1 stabilized field
  • 1 dance studio
  • 1 climbing wall

Physical activities in your curriculum

Physical and sports practice is integrated into the training for first-year students in the Agricultural Engineer and Sustainable Agricultural & food Systems for the South (SAADS) programs.

It is organized throughout the year in the form of activity cycles chosen by the student from a variety of practices.

Physical activities in your Sports Association

There are two ways to engage in physical activities by joining the Sports Association of the Institut Agro Montpellier:

Recreational (loisirs): This allows you to enjoy all the activities offered throughout the year, as well as participate in events such as Occit, InterAgro, etc.

Competitive (compétition): This allows you to take part in matches and tournaments organized by the FFSU (University Sports Federation).


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