DEFIS - Développement, Expertise, Formation, Ingénierie pour le Sud. Champs sénégal

DEFIS—a team you can count on

A consulting and engineering unit

Update : 04/25/2023

The unit’s proven experience, coupled with the support of a well-established scientific community, make DEFIS a valuable partner.

DEFIS forms a direct and permanent bridge between IRC’s training programmes and the challenges confronting development actors:

  • DEFIS' activities contribute to IRC training and research programmes, covering questions extending “from the farm to the fork”.

  • IRC – Montpellier SupAgro researcher-professors and students contribute to DEFIS’ consulting services.

A team of agricultural and agri-food engineers

Our agricultural and agri-food engineers all have transversal skills in training engineering and project management, and speak English, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese.

Thanks to our team’s international experience and complementary professional backgrounds (private agri-food sector, technical agriculture training and higher education, international and nongovernmental organisations, French agricultural structures…), we have the critical capacity to understand, adapt, and remain flexible within highly varied contexts.

Collaborative organisation


Pôle Tropiques et Méditerranée

L'Institut Agro
Campus de Lavalette
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L'Institut Agro Montpellier
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