Domaine du Chapitre en bref, raisins

Domaine du Chapitre

Villeneuve-Lès-Maguelone (Hérault, France)

Update : 05/13/2024

The agricultural Domaine du Chapitre, located in Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, is an educational and experimental farm specialized in the viticulture and winemaking sector. The activities of the domain are based on two complementary approaches to agriculture: agro-ecology and digital agriculture.

Missions: produce, train, experiment, promote & host

The Domaine du Chapitre is an educational and experimental platform specialized in the viticulture and winemaking sector, utilized by students, researchers, and socio-economic actors such as businesses, farmers, and local authorities. Its activities include:

  • the sustainable production and marketing of agricultural products grown on the estate: wine, olive oil, grape juice, honey
  • initial and advanced training of L'institut Agro Montpellier students and socio-economic partners, drawing on various scientific skills available within the school, the Institute for Higher Education in Vine and Wine, the Mas Numérique and the Chaire AgroTIC
  • hosting experimentations carried out by L'institut Agro Montpellier with its partners, in particular INRAE; demonstration and dissemination activities in response to requests from socio-economic partners (agricultural professionals, companies, etc.)
  • sharing scientific knowledge and culture with the general public: Science Festival, Hosting cultural events (Palabrasives, etc...)
  • hosting companies in the winegrowing sector and L'institut Agro Montpellier partners: Vivelys, Vinseo, Envilys, AgroXP, etc.

Main teaching activities

Home to the Mas Numérique project, which brings together a dozen companies providing material and know-how to demonstrate the added value of digital solutions intended for Mediterranean agriculture. This project participates in the Domaine du Chapitre’s initial and advanced training activities.

Tutorials for students at the Institute for Higher Education in Vine and Wine (IHEV):

  • agricultural engineering programmes (specializing in viticulture and oenology)
  • professional degree programmes (integrated wine production and environmental challenges/sales manager for wine and distribution networks)
  • Topics: soil ecology, agri-environmental assessment, vineyard establishment, viticultural machinery, integrated viticulture, traceability, etc.

Training programmes for INRAE and L'institut Agro Montpellier staff.

"Tailor-made" professional training programmes for companies.

Main experimental activities

  • Conservation and genetic analysis of vitaceae (greenhouse 300 m², 3 ha of experimental plots)
    Scientific leadership: UMR AGAP (Genetic Improvement and Adaptation of Tropical and Mediterranean Plants)
  • Crop management sequences and low-input viticultural systems (Ecophyto program, agronomy of viticultural systems)
    Scientific leadership: UMR System (Tropical and Mediterranean Cropping System Functioning and Management)
  • Transfer and development of innovative varieties. Study and demonstration plots (adapted to drought, resistance to disease) are set up in collaboration with the mixed technology unit (UMT) Géno-Vigne® (vine genetic resources). The domain ensures the development and propagation of registered varieties
  • Transfer to farm level. Example: full-scale test of the effectiveness of input dose reduction recommendations. Work carried out in collaboration with the UMT Ecotech-Viti (INRAE/Montpellier SupAgro) and UMR ITAP (Information - Technologies - Environmental analysis - Agricultural processes)

Key partners

Key figures

Staff: 7 agents including 5 from l'Institut Agro Montpellier and 2 from INRAE
Agricultural area: 135 ha of which 105 ha utilized agricultural area, consisting of 15 blocks
35 ha of restructured vineyards, 1,400 hl of wine produced, half of which in the cellars of the estate, 40,000 bottles and 3,000 wine casks sold in the wine cellar
5 hectares of olive groves with 5,000 trees in a high density system with a mechanized harvest. 2,000 litres of extra virgin oil produced per year under the "Oil of France" label.
55 ha of durum wheat, rapeseed and chickpeas in dry systems
35 ha clustered in 2 blocks (Bas-Rhône) could accommodate irrigated crops
Revenue: over €550,000 per year.


Domaine du Chapitre
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