Master commerce des vins

Master - Master of Science 2

Master Marketing & Sales

Specialization Wine marketing (M2)

Update : 12/13/2023

High level commercial expertise serving the vine and wine sector

What type of training ?
une formation diplômante, sous statut étudiant, une formation diplômante, par la voie de l'alternance

For who ?
étudiant titulaire d'un diplôme français, étudiant international

Where ?
Institut des hautes études de la vigne et du vin (IHEV)


The Master 2 Wine Marketing specialization trains students to become sales executives specialized in the wine sector, with a high level of national and international commercial expertise based on marketing, negotiation and management skills.

To obtain the Master 2 degree, students must acquire knowledge, methodologies and skills regarding:

  • new wine marketing needs
  • knowledge of national and international wine markets
  • basic wine sector and œnological techniques
  • advertising and marketing, knowing how to argue, negotiate and communicate
  • legislation and quality schemes
  • basic business management
  • implementation of analytic tools and strategy
  • business English specialized in wine

Students also conduct assignments for the wine industry as part of professional projects and regularly participate in the International Business Forum (south of France).

Instruction is provided by teacher-researchers specialized in the wine sector from the University of Montpellier and Montpellier SupAgro’s Institute for Higher Education in Vine and Wine, and by professionals from the regional and national wine industry who take part in courses, work projects, internship report presentations, selection interviews and conferences.


  • vine and wine
  • Vineyard harvest by Wine Marketing Master 2 students

    Vineyard harvest by Wine Marketing Master 2 students

  • Wine Marketing Master 2 graduating class

    Wine Marketing Master 2 graduating class

  • Programme

    Number of ECTS credits : 60 ECTS

    Language of instruction : In French and English

    SEMESTER 1 (160 hours of instruction)

    • In-depth lessons in marketing: brand management, new trends in marketing, qualitative and quantitative marketing techniques.
    • Professionalized and specialized courses: work project methodology, knowledge of wines, wine marketing, international markets development.

    SEMESTER 2 (140 hours of instruction and a professional internship)

    • Support tools: accounting, taxation, wine legislation, quality management, supply chain management.
    • Communication and strategic management: web marketing, communication, international negotiation, strategic management.
    • Job search techniques, career planning, 4-6 month internship.


    • Wine marketing
    • Strategic management
    • International markets development
    • Communication
    • International negotiation
    • Knowledge of wines
    • Wine industry legislation
    • Supply chain management
    • Taxation and financing
    • Quality schemes

    Internship in French or International companies

  • Calendar

    •  Applications open: 11 May
    • Deadline for applications: 10 June
  • Admissions

    Entry in Master 1

    Admission requirements are listed on the Wine Marketing Master website.

    Entry in Master 2

    Students who have validated the first year (Master 1) of the Marketing & Sales programme have full access to the Wine Marketing specialization. Other candidates must have validated a Master 1 (60 ECTS) in the fields of economics, management, applied foreign languages, oenology (National Oenology Diploma), or agronomy, or hold equivalent foreign degrees.

    Admission to the Master 2 programme is proposed after studying the application (previous academic results and letter of motivation). The candidate’s motivation, career plans and abilities to succeed also are evaluated. An interview is conducted before pronouncing the definitive admission into the Master 2 programme.

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  • Careers

    The Wine Marketing Master offers numerous career opportunities:

    • Wine company manager
    • Marketing manager the wine sector
    • Head of exports
    • Product manager
    • Marketing/sales director
    • Purchaser in distribution centres
    • Wine broker
    • Export manager
    • Cellar master

Director of studies


The Wine Marketing Master 2 programme is co-accredited by the University of Montpellier and Montpellier SupAgro.

Pedagogical directors University of Montpellier – Montpellier Management

•    Isabelle BORIES-AZEAU -

Professional partners

This master’s course is based on a network of companies, institutions, and professional organizations that promotes the professional integration of students:

  • Wine syndicates and marketers grouped together within the Interprofessional Council for Languedoc Wines producers
  • Union of producers of Pays d'Oc wines
  • Sud de France Développement
  • France Languedoc Roussillon cooperative
  • FranceAgriMer
  • Vitisphere
  • Companies: Château de Fourques, AdVini, Val d'Orbieu-Uccoar Group,
  • Bonfils Group, the Cave de l'Ormarine...


Institut des hautes études de la vigne et du vin
Campus de La Gaillarde
2 place Pierre Viala


Key features

  • Strong international appeal
  • High level commercial expertise in the vine and wine field
  • A career-centred course that facilitates professional integration


Students from France and EU member countries

Each year: €243 + €100 Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus (CVEC) administrative fee

Students from other countries

Each year: €243 (partial fee waiver) + €100 Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus (CVEC) administrative fee

Pay CVEC online


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