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Update : 12/18/2018

New training needs are arising with transitions in agriculture and food systems. The emergence of novel professions requiring new skills means that the knowledge produced by research must be rapidly disseminated to facilitate the development of innovation.

Montpellier SupAgro aims to train managers who are open to the world, attuned to current societal and technical challenges, and able to innovate. One hundred people are involved in the training programmes, including 80 researcher-professors. The researcher-professors are all assigned to certified research units and contribute significantly to the institution’s reputation, which is recognized worldwide for the excellence of its agricultural research. Due to the diversity of the research units, the entire range of disciplines and approaches needed to train future agricultural managers is covered.

Instruction is based on student involvement in their training programmes. The project-based approach is used extensively, varying in nature and modalities over the duration of the programs. It is facilitated by original educational facilities such as the Mas Numérique, the agricultural platforms, and the technological and hydraulic halls. Professors keep abreast of new teaching practices through trainings sessions and workshops on case studies. Discussion on teaching practices and resources within the education community is enabled by a collaborative platform. The production of digital resources, including 3 MOOCs, allows students to train themselves and be involved in tutoring other learners.

A prestigious school for a remarkable future

  • 1,600 students enrolled
  • 29% of whom are from foreign countries
  • 88 academic staff
  • 345 external lecturers


L'Institut Agro Montpellier
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L'Institut Agro Montpellier
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