Junior Research Lab for Agricultural Transitions

Join the Junior Research Lab for Agricultural Transitions

September 9th - December 22nd, 2024 (or January 20th, 2025).

Update : 03/06/2024

Put your action in the context of the challenges of global transition!

Getting trained for Transitions towards sustainability, preservation of energy, natural resources and biodiversity, and the adaptation of agriculture to new  challenges  will require that you learn and share fundamental knowledge, and strengthen your skills through hands-on research. By collaborating with others, conducting your own project, exchanging your opinions, live the experience of a one-semester scientist!

Get new academic skills through problem solving and deepen your scientific autonomy with a program that suits you!

The semester is designed to reinforce your scientific background, to train you through collaborative research activities within a group of French and international students, to develop your critical thinking, your scientific rigor, creativity and taste for innovation and research.

You will choose among a variety of themes and co-design your own project with the support of senior researchers. By managing your project from end to end, you  will  develop multiple skills strengthening both your autonomous learning and your ability to collaborate with others.

You will also increase your disciplinary level through research- based learning on real life scenarios. It will be a different experience from a traditional internship, since you are empowered in your choices and your responsibility as well !

Test, explore and analyze data you produce in the field and the lab, mentored by scientists

We seek to develop your creativity and innovation skills, and to arouse curiosity, allowing everyone to get involved in the best motivating way. You will share a dedicated space, the HIVE (the Highly Innovative and Versatile Environment) in which you will spend most of your learning, thinking and arguing times. Projects are focused on lab or field experimentation but may also be based on modelisation or deep data analysis. Once decided, you will plan and realize your research using the school facilities or associated research labs equipment.

Live a multicultural experience, with high ethics and integrity standards with the flavour of a French Grande Ecole

The Junior Research Lab for Agricultural Transitions is part of the “Parcours Recherche Ingénieur”, a shared project with Polytech Montpellier and l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie Montpellier and part of the IDIL Program).


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    With the Junior Research Lab, we get in touch with people from different fields!

    Nuzha S. / Malaysia-Junior Research Lab student

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    The Junior Research Lab makes you more creative!

    Zul R. / Indonesia-Junior Research Lab student

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New—Funding for international mobility!

International students accepted into the program will receive a mobility grant (€600), a living expenses grant (€600 per month from September to December) and an internship stipend if they pursue a research internship.


The campus welcomes you — it’s also possible to stay in the student residences proposed by SupAgro ! You will find all the information you need to prepare your arrival.


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